Why it matters

Every young person should have the same opportunities to make the most of their future. But the reality is that too many are held back. Not through lack of talent but through lack of access to the networks of support and advice that other young people take for granted.

They might dream of becoming a doctor, a lawyer or other professional but have no role models among their family or friends who can give them practical guidance on how to get there.

They may come from schools with little experience of sending students on to further or higher education, and worry that they can’t afford it or that university isn’t for people like them.

Or they might not know what they want to do in their careers or education at all and find themselves overwhelmed by confusing and contradictory information when they try to make their decisions.

Research by the Sutton Trust shows that only 7% of people attend independent schools but are still vastly over-represented at leading universities and in certain key professions.

This inequality isn’t inevitable. That’s the very reason Brightside was formed in 2003. And it’s what drives us to this day.

We want to make sure that every young person has the right support and information to achieve their ambitions. We do this by using the online technology to connect young people with inspirational role models and trusted sources of information so they can develop the knowledge and skills they need to make a big difference to their lives and chances in the real world.

Find out about Brightside’s track record and read what our mentees say about mentoring in their own words.