Brightside Alumni Network

1303220445-Ian-MartindaleThe Brightside Alumni Network gives everyone who has participated in a Brightside mentoring project the chance to keep in touch with us, access useful resources, discover new opportunities for training and development, and help to shape our work with young people.

I felt like after the programme finished I wanted something
more, to feel like you’re part of it and part of the community.
— Former mentee

It’s important to feel you belong to something and feel
— Former mentor

How it works

The Alumni Network is open to both mentees and mentors from any Brightside mentoring project. Those who join receive a monthly newsletter. For mentees, this contains information about further opportunities, finding work experience, writing applications, UCAS, study skills and help and support with specific issues affecting young people, particularly with regard to their education. The mentor newsletter includes information on developing mentoring skills, the issues facing young people and ways to support them, case studies and Brightside news.

Both groups will have the opportunity to contribute to the newsletters, and to attend workshops where they can build their skills and share their opinions and experiences directly with Brightside staff.

We as young people know what we want […] It’s like using
the primary source rather than the secondary source.
— Former mentee

I think most mentors would be interested in contributing
because being a mentor is about giving back to people.
— Former mentor

How to get involved

If you have participated in a Brightside project in the past and you are interested in joining the Alumni Network, contact stating:

  • Your name
  • The project you were on
  • The year in which you took part
  • Whether you were a mentee or a mentor