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Brightside is determined to stop any young person’s talents being wasted because they lack the confidence and knowledge to find and pursue their ambitions.

With over 13 years experience and working with over 15,000 young people a year, we provide bespoke online mentoring to connect the young people who need it most with trusted and experienced mentors, to develop their skills and broaden their horizons.

We do this by working in partnership with 60 universities, alongside a broad range of companies, charities and public sector organisations.


Brightside’s mentoring makes a real difference to young people’s lives:

On the Realising Opportunities project:
– 90% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that mentoring helped them to understand more about university life

On the ARCC project:
– 85% of mentees agreed or strongly agreed that mentoring made them feel more confident in achieving their goals

On the Big Deal project:
– 89% of mentees said they had developed their communication skills

An independent evaluation of Brightside’s mentoring by International Centre for Guidance Studies (ICeGS) at University of Derby found that 91% of mentees were either satisfied or very satisfied with the experience of online mentoring. It concluded that ‘Brightside is well regarded by its partners, and provides a tool which delivers high quality mentoring and clear impacts for participants.’

Read about some of the young people Brightside has supported with online mentoring.

Benefits of partnering with Brightside

Online mentoring provides a flexible and engaging volunteering opportunity for mentors. Our unique platform provides a cost effective way to overcome the time and geographical limitations which are often present in face-to-face mentoring.

Easy to manage and evaluate, Brightside’s online mentoring projects are designed around our proven models of support and linked to our online resources, described by Career Companion as “Truly immense. Probably the nearest thing to a one-stop shop for all things education and career-related.”

Our platform

Our platform was designed in consultation with over 150 young people, mentors and partners. As well as being beautifully designed and quick, the platform is:

  • Safe and fully secure, with a moderated messaging system
  • Accompanied by hundreds of relevant articles, activities and videos from Brightside’s Bright Knowledge resource library
  • Fully accessible from any device at any time

university-of-manchester-115px“Brightside share our vision for producing innovative, bespoke solutions that support young people in their increasingly complex educational and career journeys.”
Julian Skyrme – Director of Social Responsibility, University of Manchester

imperial-college-london-115px“I would definitely recommend online mentoring with Brightside to other universities. We have been continuously impressed by the innovation, service and most importantly the positive impact this scheme has had on our mentees. It is easy to use, easy to recruit for and is a compliment to the other widening participation activities that we run.”
Dr. Annalisa Alexander – Head of Outreach, Imperial College London

royal-academy-of-engineering-115px“Through its London Engineering Project, The Royal Academy of Engineering has enjoyed a successful partnership with Brightside to help widen participation in engineering in London. Brightside were excellent partners and this strong relationship led to innovative e-mentoring approaches being developed to widen the access into engineering. We were delighted to see how e-mentoring helped to underpin and add value to our current face-to-face initiatives as well as easily be expanded to support the 14-19 engineering diploma.”
Professor Matthew Harrison – Director Education Programmes, Royal Academy of Engineering

To find out more about setting up an online mentoring project and our prices, get in touch with Nick Brown on 0207 922 7996 or