Higher Education

Brightside works with over 35 universities across the UK within a range of departments.

We have developed mentoring models for each stage of the student lifecycle and use these to design mentoring programmes, either around existing activities or as standalone programmes. Brightside’s online mentoring is based on proven models of support, and is easy to manage and evaluate.

Pre-16 and Post-16 Outreach

Designed for young people both before and after their post-16 options, to connect talented students with enthusiastic undergraduate mentors. Alongside introducing young people to university life and a range of courses and careers, online mentoring will also widen and raise the university’s profile.

Read about our pre-16 programme with UCL Academy.

Read about our post-16 programme with King’s College London.


Designed to positively engage with students as early as possible, matching them with an undergraduate to help manage the transition from school/college to university. Mentors work with prospective students from before they arrive and through their first term, when they’re most likely to drop out, making online mentoring an effective way to improve your university’s retention rate.

Read about our retention programme with Edge Hill University.

Employability and student success

Designed to connect undergraduates with peer or career mentors to support them to succeed at university and beyond, online mentoring improves university retention rate and employability of your students.

Read about our employability programme with Birmingham City University.

All Brightside online mentoring features:

  • Mentor training
  • Online activities and resources about careers, education and student life
  • Structured mentoring timetable
  • Moderation
  • Secure customised platform
  • Reporting and evaluation


To find out more about setting up an online mentoring project and our prices, get in touch with Nick Brown on 0207 922 7726 or nick.brown@thebrightsidetrust.org